Parking lots are high traffic areas and asphalt is bound to break down over time. Potholes, cracks, and depressions are just some of the issues parking lots will have to face, which is why maintenance is important to help keep the asphalt strong.

There are many causes of parking lot breakdowns and the following are the main three:


This aspect will affect the condition of asphalt significantly and impact its durability. Rock, sand, and aggregates are the materials that hold asphalt together but, over time, the UV rays will affect the binder holding these materials together and as it starts to break down, the asphalt will decompose. UV rays are not the only thing that can destroy parking lots and the freeze-thaw cycle of water will play a role in the breakdown of asphalt as well. Asphalt will expand whenever water enters into the cracks and freezes, resulting in larger cracks. Once the temperature warms up, it will thaw and the cycle will start all over again, resulting in more cracks that will eventually lead to far more serious problems. Depending on where you live, the weather will play a role in this and all four seasons can affect your parking lot.

Heavy weight

When heavyweight is continuously placed on top of asphalt, it will start to break down at some point. This is a big problem for commercial parking lots where heavy trucks, vehicles, and machinery are part of the daily routine and necessary for the business. While there’s maybe not much you can do in terms of lighter loads, you must pay attention to problem areas where cracks may be present as any additional heavyweight will make matters worse. Monitor these areas carefully so that you can act right away if there is a serious problem.


Maintenance is a part of any parking lot and failing to take this matter seriously will result in a number of issues that will reflect poorly on your business. In order to have a durable parking lot that is strong, proper maintenance must be applied so that you don’t have to experience any headaches. The last thing you want is for your parking lot to become a liability, so look into seal-coating, patching, and resurfacing options to help restore your parking lot back to its original state. Remember that small problems can easily be fixed but ignoring them will lead to bigger problems and expensive repair costs, both of which could be prevented.

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