Whether it is a commercial parking lot or your own driveway, winter can bring some usual challenges pertaining to the maintenance and upkeep of your driveway. While shoveling the snow away, keeping the driveway clear, and spreading sand on the driveway in case of ice formation are some basic tips, preparing a driveway for approaching winters is much more than that. If you are a homeowner or a commercial space owner, here are our top five tips to make sure that your concrete pavement is ready for the winter.

Clean it up

Now that the fall has passed, your pavement may be full of colorful foliage of leaves and twigs. The first step would be to use a blower or sweeper and get rid of any debris, leaves, gravel, plant residue, etc. This step is essential to prevent damage to the asphalt as cars grinding on the debris can result in further damage to the concrete pavement. As your driveway becomes cleaner, it is easier to spot problems with its construction earlier and to take preventive measures to stop long-term problems and save expensive repairs.

Fixing problems

As you clear the pavement, make sure to spot any cracks and holes so that you can have them rectified before the winter approaches. Call a reputed and experienced company such as Ampac Paving & Concrete immediately to detect issues and address problems with filling and patching before they get aggravated.

Getting it seal coated

Seal coating is one of the critical steps that follow fixing concrete problems. Make sure to get your driveway seal coated after fixing cracks and holes and follow the seal coating step after every one to three years. It is one of the best ways to prevent small cracks from becoming major pits and potholes. It also helps you to prolong the life of your driveway or parking lot as the paving lasts longer. The seal coating compound helps your pavement to also retain heat in the winter and slow down the accumulation of ice and snow, both necessary components for maintaining the lot or driveway.

Drain and piping system

Have you ever considered a possible water leak that may be seeping and percolating through your driveway? This water can be a potential cause of ice formation and cause rapid deterioration of the surrounding concrete layers. This process can eventually lead to the weak pavement that weakens further owing to harsh winters. Make it a point to check the piping and drainage system on a regular basis.

Load bearing

More than often people tend to ignore that pavement load bearing capacity and often run heavy machinery, equipment or large-sized vehicles over it. Bear in mind that everything, including your pavement, can only bear a certain amount of weight. If the pavement is used for exceeding heavy machinery or vehicles, it will deteriorate faster. If you need to change the load-bearing capacity of your pavement due to the addition of an extra vehicle or machinery, talk to our in-house experts for handling it.

Ampac Paving & Concrete specializes in providing state-of-the-art solutions for all your concrete and asphalt pavement construction and maintenance. Contact our skilled crew to help you with planning your pavement construction and maintenance requirements this winter.