Enhancing the look and value of your property with interlocking stone depends on the knowledge and experience of the contractor you hire!

There are many reasons why you may want to beautify your property with interlocking stone, but do you know what to look for in an interlocking stone and landscaping company?

Interlocking stone can prove to be a smart investment in your residential or commercial property. It’s durable and tends to weather harsh Canadian winters better than asphalt or concrete. Repairs are easier and less costly if required, and interlocking stone can be used in a variety of outdoor applications. However, if not properly installed by experienced professionals using high-quality materials, a series of problems will arise. But how can you tell which interlocking stone contractor is the right one to hire?

How to Choose the Right Interlocking Stone Contractor

Before you sign on the dotted line with any interlocking stone contractor, we recommend you do your research and focus on these five important questions to ask before you decide:

  • Is the contractor licensed and fully insured? Ensure the contractor holds valid industry licenses and certifications in Ontario. Ask to see proof of their business license, any industry certifications, and insurance. Check the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services’ Consumer Beware List and ensure there are no outstanding complaints or convictions registered against the company.
  • What is their level of experience and are there customer testimonials? In any line of business, reputation matters. Ask for in-depth details of the company’s and the work crews’ experience installing interlocking stone, as well as photographs of the work they’ve done for other clients, commercial or residential.
  • Do they provide a warranty for their work? Any professional interlocking stone installer will stand behind their work and guarantee it by providing you with a warranty. If they don’t, walk away.
  • Is designing the project included? A goal without a plan is but a wish. Will the installer provide a detailed design and project installation plan based on what your wants and desires are? You need to have your interlocking stone project thoroughly mapped out, and the installer ought to be involved in that process from the get-go and be able to provide you with software-generated renderings of how your driveway, walkway, or patio will look when the work is completed. They should also be able to provide you with details on their project processes.
  • Is ongoing maintenance included? Find out if the contractor you’re considering hiring provides ongoing or extended maintenance. Know what the costs and schedule are for regular maintenance check-ups, and whether or not the cost of maintenance is covered by the company’s warranty or service guarantee.

Additionally, ask who the contractor’s stone, brick, and materials suppliers are. Are the products and materials they use made in Ontario or Canada? Or are they imported from afar? Not only is it important to support the Canadian economy by purchasing high-quality products that are made in Ontario or Canada, it can save you money if your interlocking contractor sources locally made materials.

Are you considering having interlocking stone installed on your residential or business property? In need of maintenance and repairs for your existing interlock hardscapes? Give us a call. We’ve been providing homeowners and businesses across the Greater Toronto Area with exceptional paving and landscaping services since the 1970s.