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The summer is right around the corner, which is weird to say because it feels like we are still in March of 2020. The pandemic has definitely changed a lot of our schedules, some for the better or worse. We could also see that the pandemic affected the overall laziness of homeowners, which is why many did not keep up with their housework every now and then. During the summer of 2020, it was scorching hot each day, and with the sun in the sky, many people are probably out at the beach or socially distanced while hanging out with friends.

Something that many people forgot to keep up with was landscaping maintenance. With us almost being a year later after that summer, it’s important that you are keeping care of your own landscaping on condo properties.

1. Plan for the long run. Make sure you know how you would want your lawn or backyard to look, that is if you have one. Make sure you are picking out the perfect flowers or bushes to put which can run along the path, which leads you into your own condo property.

2. Design a landscape that works for you and your needs. If you have kids and they are little maybe it wouldn’t be the brightest idea to be putting breakable furniture or products outside, and you should consider making a bordered garden.

3. Make sure you are installing umbrellas around your property. Something that can keep you safe from harmful UV rays and keep you from flaring up as a result of direct sunlight.

4. Consider making your own fruit or vegetable garden. Produce that you have grown organically and you know that you can trust, it would be the perfect way to make a healthy salad or a pizza with all your favorite herbs.

5. Make sure you are planning for all seasons. Not just the upcoming ones, you want a condo space that has a variety to match every season that comes your way.

With this being said it may be the best time to start considering hiring your own maintenance assistance or help, it’s okay to know that you can’t do everything on your own and sometimes you do need help. If you have a busy schedule that keeps you from doing all this stuff around your own condo, then it may be time to start looking for lawn and backyard maintenance companies. If you are looking for landscaping, residential paving or commercial paving in the GTA make sure to contact Ampac Paving and Concrete.