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Heavy trucks, speed of traffic, and the volume of cars all-cause traffic noise that is loud and overwhelming. Traffic noise is something we can all live without and asphalt pavement is one solution to this loud problem.

While asphalt cannot completely eliminate noise, it can help reduce it and has proven to be very effective. Using asphalt for pavement is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to road design because it is porous in nature, which is very helpful in reducing noise. It contains a high ratio of air voids, allowing water run-off while also absorbing road noise. Rubberized asphalt, in particular, which mixes in recycled tires, has shown to reduce noise by a significant amount, making it not only quieter but more eco-friendly as well. Noise tests have proven that rubberized asphalt reduces noise by a very high percentage, which is why it is being considered more and more.

Most commercial and residential driveways consist of either an asphalt or concrete finish, although asphalt comes with a lot more benefits, including fast installation and usability. Depending on the size of the project, asphalt can be laid in as little as two days and after completion will be ready to use in a couple of days. Major roads and highways can take longer because of the amount of space that has to be covered, but the process is a lot faster when compared to concrete.

Asphalt is also very durable, so in addition to less noise, the surface will remain in good condition for a longer period of time. The chances of asphalt cracking or flaking is a lot less because of its flexibility and will not be affected by poor installation or salts used to melt ice and snow. Should minor cracks start to appear over time, repairing them is easy and cost-effective, which is why it is a great choice for city roads and highways. Asphalt is low maintenance, so paving professionals can easily apply the right methods to fix any issues that arise. Preventative maintenance is also an easy thing to do, and general upkeep will extend the life of asphalt so that communities can enjoy less noise caused by traffic for a longer period of time.

Asphalt is also a safe option because its colour helps retain more of the sun’s heat, which causes the snow to melt a lot faster during winter. Its black colour is a great safety feature that is beneficial for residential neighbourhoods as well as commercial driveways.

Asphalt has a lot to offer and its ability to reduce highway noise caused by traffic is just one of the many benefits it provides. Ampac Paving and Concrete is one of the most reputable paving companies in the Toronto, Newmarket and Richmond Hill areas and offers both commercial and residential paving, as well as landscaping services, so give them a call today!