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Here at AMPAC, we care about environmental issues and our local community. We know our customers are concerned about these issues too, so here are a few of the ways we are putting in the extra effort to go above and beyond:

  • 100% of all asphalt, concrete, and other waste removed from any AMPAC job gets recycled.
  • All the bricks, asphalt, and gravel come from within a 100 km radius of our working area, so we’re supporting local community businesses.
  • Supporting local businesses helps us keep travel/transport emissions down.

Environmentally Conscious Excavation Process

When we do excavation work on a job site, all the asphalt is put into a separate container and taken to an asphalt plant for recycling.

Secondly, all the concrete that’s removed from either a garage floor, border curbs, sidewalk replacement, old patios, etc., also gets recycled. All of this material gets transported to specific plants to make crushed, mixed material, which is used to base foundations for buildings or garage floors. Using this crushed material is the environmentally sound choice for a home-builder laying a basement foundation, for example.

In addition, all of the other materials that come out of a job site are sorted and set up for proper disposal. Sod, soil, roots, and tree limbs are separated and either taken to clean landfill locations or organized for municipal removal. Items like railway ties have to be cut up and disposed of through municipal garbage collection. AMPAC will take branches and tree stumps that are too big for municipal removal if necessary, for an additional cost.

Locally Produced Materials

At AMPAC, most of all of our materials are locally produced. The bricks, asphalt and gravel all come from within a 100 km radius of our working area, and so we’re supporting local community businesses.

Lastly, the fact that we don’t ship all our materials from all corners of the globe means we are cutting down on our emissions as well.

To sum up, all of these environmental endeavors are a great advantage for our customers, our community, and the environment and we are very proud of our efforts!

If you have any more questions about our Eco-Friendly Paving Solutions, please contact us!