Asphalt is a highly durable, long-lasting solution for both commercial and residential properties. However, this paving solution is not completely impermeable! Asphalt has made a few enemies that actively strive to wreak havoc on its surface. These natural elements may have been effective in permeating other asphalt paving solutions because the contractor did not provide proper maintenance guidance. 

Ampac Paving and Concrete, our expert residential paving and commercial paving company are the experts in viable solutions to combat against asphalt enemies. Check out these four asphalt adversaries and how to protect your paving solution from them.

Enemy 1: Simple Surface Water

The majority of asphalt paving solutions are naturally designed to have water swept away from highly dense traffic areas. This is because surface water that remains can cause severe damage to the asphalt. When an asphalt paving solution is not properly and actively maintained, surface water will remain on the driveway or parking lot and begin to weaken it. This will lead to cracks that could eventually enlarge and cause potholes to form. How can you protect your asphalt from surface water? Try this solution:

  • Ampac Paving and Concrete seal coat your lot to keep surface water away, prevent cracks and potholes. We ensure the most effective seal coating solutions to protect your asphalt.

Enemy 2: The Sun

Similar to how our skin needs sunscreen to protect against harsh UV rays from the sun, asphalt needs protection too! Preserving asphalt pavement with a protective seal coating solution by Ampac Paving and Coating will keep it protected for approximately three to five years.

Enemy 3: Fuel and Oil

The effects of fuel and oil to your asphalt’s surface can cause severe damage. A seal coating application cannot protect against the two, because fuel and oil can pierce through the pavement’s surface and disrupt the aggregates inside the asphalt. The longer you allow oil and fuel to sit and eat through your surface, the more expensive repair costs will become. Avoid this by having routine asphalt pavement inspection and necessary repairs by Ampac Paving and Concrete. Preventative asphalt pavement maintenance is worth it to keep your investment in optimal condition and save you money.

Enemy 4: Tree Roots

Tree roots can extend far beyond their trunk, sometimes reaching about 50 to 70 feet. Having asphalt pavement applied over the tree roots can stop the roots from accessing water, which will cause them to create bumps and cracks as they attempt to break through the asphalt solution. The way to avoid this from happening is to hire our expert paving company in Toronto who can maintain the landscape while achieving your desired pavement result.

Ampac Paving and Concrete has been providing effective, affordable and long-lasting pavement solutions for residential and commercial properties since the 1970s. Our established team has top-quality experience and skill in both pavings, interlocking and landscaping in Richmond Hill and Newmarket. For top-quality workmanship, product and warranty, contact us for a FREE quote on your project today.