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Alligator cracking may occur on an asphalt driveway that’s had a failure in the sub-base underneath the surface of the asphalt. The interlaced cracking pattern is similar to that of the scales on an alligator’s back, hence the name. These types of cracks are often found on side roads, however, they can form in driveways and parking lots as well. When alligator cracks in asphalt appear, proper repairs are required immediately to prevent further damage.

What can you do if there’s alligator cracking in your driveway? Check out Ampac & Concrete’s guide on how to repair this type of asphalt cracking:

Repair the Subgrade

When alligator cracking forms, it’s due to the fact that the asphalt foundation is no longer able to withstand the pressure from the vehicles being applied to it. Repairing the subgrade will ultimately strengthen the foundation. Simply repairing the surface of the asphalt is not effective, as the issue stems from the base of the asphalt. An investigation into the cause of this cracking helps to determine the root cause of the foundation failure.

The paving company you hire would need to remove the area of the cracked pavement and dig it out. Then, the area would be replaced and patched with the repaired subgrade. If necessary, the drainage of the area of the poor subgrade would need to be improved prior to the new subgrade.

Crack Filling and Sealing

Crack filling and sealing is simply a temporary solution to the alligator cracking issue. It can help prevent water from seeping into the asphalt and eventually degrading the ground underneath. Sealing can help prevent damage from increasing but does not ultimately rectify the problem at hand. Crack filling and sealing are effective for a short period of time until serious repairs can be done. Cold mix asphalt can be applied to the area as temporary patching material.

Issues That Occur If Only Temporary Patching Is Performed

The alligator cracking is continuously moving as a result of the problem with the sub-base. It is moving even more than the natural flexibility of the asphalt can even handle. Using patching material over the area is a temporary fix to rising issues in the asphalt. As the asphalt continues to move, the patch will be pushed out of the cracks and shed.

Repairing the Entire Surface

The most effective and long-lasting solution to this type of cracking is to simply have the entire asphalt paving surface replaced. That way, the sub-base can be installed in a way that ensures alligator cracking has no chance of occurring again.

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