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The weather may not have dropped to negative temperatures quite yet, but it’s crucial to prepare your pavement for when it does. Preventive pavement maintenance for winter protects your investment from harsh elements all season long. Neglecting your driveway or parking lot can result in endless repair requirements and bills adding up by the time spring rolls around. Protecting your pavement from the ice and snow is wise to keep your curb appeal in top condition and customers continuing to visit your business.

Before the cold weather takes over, start the process to protect your pavement by following Ampac Paving and Concrete’s five essential tips.

Seal coat Your Driveway/Parking Lot

Seal coating your pavement is essential to protecting it from harsh elements and wear and tear from vehicles. Winter temperatures are far too low to apply sealant, which is why it is crucial to apply it prior to cold weather. Sealing the pavement can increase its longevity when applied once every three to five years. Neglecting to repair cracks in your driveway or parking lot can be detrimental to the surface and under the surface of the pavement. When the driveway or parking lot is not sealed, precipitation from winter weather can percolate into the available cracks and cause the pavement to erode and crack further.

Remove Snow Frequently

When snow does begin to fall on your pavement, have it removed as soon as possible. If your driveway is small, you can save yourself the additional cost of hiring a snow removal company and plow the snow yourself with a snowblower. Allowing snow to pile up and ice to remain on the pavement will contribute to hazardous driving accidents on your property or cause customers to become injured while walking on the lot. This also hinders your customer’s ability to see parking signs, advertisements, and cautionary symbols that are necessary to keep them safe. Commercial properties should opt out of doing their own snow removal and instead, hire a snow removal company to effectively clean the lot and preserve the pavement.

Opt-Out of Pouring Salt As A Non-Slip Solution

It is common to use rock salt to melt and combat slippery ice conditions on the pavement. However, salt can cause immense damage to the pavement because it breaks down the structure and causes dehydration and crystal formation. Use deicing products with magnesium chloride in them. Some deicing products can be especially hard on your driveway and wear away at the surface, causing it to look less appealing and reducing its longevity.

Ampac Paving and Concrete offers residential paving and commercial paving to maximize your curb appeal and reduce excess maintenance. Our professional landscapers and paving contractors have provided high-quality landscaping services to Richmond Hill and Newmarket. Before winter hits, contact us For your driveway or parking lot repairs and renewal to ensure your asphalt is protected from harsh winter elements. Request a FREE quote from us online or give us a call to learn more about our services!